Non Owners Car Insurance Explained

If you don’t own a car, you obviously don’t need a regular auto insurance policy for protection. However, if you do occasionally drive a vehicle, there is another option that you may want to consider when it comes to protecting your financial position. Non owners auto insurance is a type of policy that you can get if you are not the owner of a vehicle, but you still drive a car occasionally. Why exactly would you need one of these policies, and what benefits does it provide?

Why Would You Need This Policy?

When you regularly drive vehicles that you do not own, buying non owner auto insurance makes a lot of sense. For example, if you travel for business purposes and you have to rent vehicles to drive, then having a non owners car insurance policy is usually a good idea. If you borrow the vehicles of friends or family members regularly, then you might want to buy this type of coverage. If you live in the same house with your parents, and you drive their vehicle, then you would not necessarily need to buy this type of insurance. You would then be covered under their insurance policy when you drive the vehicle. However, if you live in a different house, and you drive another person’s vehicle often, then getting your own policy can provide the protection that you need.

What it Covers

The coverage options for a non owners car insurance policy can vary significantly, depending on what you want covered. In most cases, a basic non owner auto insurance policy will provide liability-only coverage for the driver. This is the minimum amount of insurance that is required by law in all 50 states. With liability insurance, you won’t have to pay for the damage that you cause while driving out of your own pocket. For example, if you cause a wreck with another driver, your liability coverage would pay for that person’s vehicle damage and for his medical bills. If you don’t have liability insurance coverage, then you would have to pay for those expenses out of your own pocket. You would also be charged with a crime for driving without insurance.

Most of the time, a non owners car insurance policy would not provide coverage for the damage to your own vehicle. A basic policy would not provide collision coverage for drivers. At the same time, many of these policies also do not provide any comprehensive coverage. This means that other sources of damage to the vehicle would not be covered with the policy. For example, if you are driving a vehicle and an animal jumps out in front of the car, the policy would not cover any damage.

If you do not like the idea of not being covered for these types of things, you can add them by paying a little bit more. You have the option of adding comprehensive and collision to your non owners auto insurance policy if you choose. By doing this, you’ll be able to get all of the types of protection that you would expect from a regular auto insurance policy on your own vehicle. If you want more coverage, check out cheap full coverage car insurance

Eliminating Rental Car Insurance

One of the nice things about getting a non owners auto insurance policy is that you don’t have to pay for the rental car insurance policy anymore. If you are regularly getting rental cars, these rental insurance policies can really add up. When you have a non owners auto insurance policy, you can avoid paying for this extra expense every time you rent a car. This has the potential to save you quite a bit of money over the long-term. You’ll be covered by your own auto insurance policy, which means you won’t have to worry about getting a new policy every time.

Factors That Affect Cost

The amount of money that you’ll have to pay for a non owner auto insurance policy can vary significantly from one case to the next. One of the factors that will influence how much you have to pay is your driving record. If you have a lot of wrecks and traffic violations on your driving record, this will make you pay more for your coverage. How often you plan on driving a vehicle and the amount of coverage that you won’t will also impact how much the policy costs.

Getting More Information

If you are interested in finding out how much a non owner auto insurance policy would cost, simply enter your zip code into the box above the article. You’ll be able to get quotes from insurance companies in your area, so that you can decide if this type of insurance is something that would be beneficial to you over the long-term. Calculate your car insurance cost. Looking for a plastic surgeon? Check out